Warranty statement

Thank you for purchasing:


We sincerely hope that you will be more than happy, with the new distiller in your household

Before use, please read carefully all instructions to avoid any damage during first use.

Water dsitiller has a 1 year warranty! In order to maintain the reliability of your distiller for several years, please use it in accordance with its purpose and the instructions.

During the warranty period we guarantee the repairs and replacement parts for the distiller. We guarentee service time for 1 year and we keep inventories of spare parts for 5 years.

Terms of warranty:

– Warranty valid on presentation of a faulty extractor together with the completed warranty statement or receipt

– Send or deliver faulty distiller to the authorized service center. Shipping costs in the event of a failure within the warranty period are covered by the tariffs of Slovenian Post

– Distilleris destined for domestic household use – warranty does not apply if used for commercial purposes

– Follow the instructions for use as warranty does not apply in the event that it is damaged from hard objects

– Always disconnect the distiller from current after use, because the warranty does not apply in case of electrical surges or lightning

– Do not place the distiller on a wet surface or close to the fire, because warranty does not cover water or fire damages

– Warranty does not apply in the event of tampering by unauthorized person

– Do not let the distiller or its parts fall to the ground, as warranty does not cover such damage