Oscar and health


JUICE is an ideal form of food

OSCAR DA-900 ali OSCAR DA-1000 singlescrew juicer

OSCAR DA-900 ali OSCAR DA-1000 are the newest and the only juicers in the world market, which juices leafy vegetables, bulb vegetables and fruits all at once. Without changing accessories! If you change only one nozzle it becomes grinder for nuts, cereals, coffee, teas, herbs, fruit and vegetables of pulp, frozen fruit for home made icecream, noodles, grissini, …

Thanks to the principle of cold compression, the resulting juice retains all the values ​​contained in the whole fruits and vegetables. The juice is full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, pulp (residue) is dry and is difficult to digest fiber.

Energy values of juice, made by OSCAR DA-900 ali OSCAR DA-1000 are several times higher than juice made with centrifugal juicers. In terms of quantify, the OSCAR DA-900 ali OSCAR DA-1000 gives 20%-30% more juice.

OSCAR DA-900 ali OSCAR DA-1000 is singlescrew juicer and it uses the principle of cold pressing with a new, three-phase spiral screw, which compacts fruit and vegetables on a new innovative two-phase strainer. The juiecer spins artonly 63-80 rpm. Fruit and zelenava that is juicec in this way does not overheat, and the resulting juice is the same at the molecule level, and has all the characteristics of whole fruit / vegetable. In the centrifugal juicers the fruits / vegetables are juiced during high speed (several thousand revolutions per minute), and cut with a steel blade, that heats to high temperatures and causes oxidation due to friction. When food is heated to more than 30 degrees celsius, it starts to lose vitamins and other important components. The energy value dramatically reduces with increasing temperature. At 40 degrees celsius, you lose more than 50% of the value. So heated and oxygenated food is actually wasteful for our bodies, of which we do not have much benefit and it presents a burden for digesting.

Freshly squeezed juice (keeps the vitality of up to 20 min.) made by OSCAR DA-900 or DA-1000 OSCAR, is an ideal food and is absorbed within 15 minutes after ingestion. Why is this important? Our body calls for food that is rich in energy, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. If the body does not get enough of these elements, we feel constantly hungry and eat. Hence the excessive eating and obesity. Serving in a vicious circle …. a lot of eating because we are hungry … with large quantities of food, and digestive burden on the body and metabolism and unnecessarily energy consumption to digest food. The consequences are that we are tired, bitter and sleepy. Our digestive metabolism (processing food from the mouth to the exit from the gut) is still active, and instead provides the body with the right foods, gives us signals that we have not eaten and we are hungry again. And so “we are running out of time” to let the body heal itself.

The body only heals when the digestive metabolism is at rest. This is the most important element of self-healing.. Give our body time, to heal itself. This is all science for vitality and long life without disease. And the solution here is OSCAR DA-900 ali OSCAR DA-1000.

It prepares fresh juices that are the perfect food, full of natural energy. You can forget about hospitals, pharmacies and drugs. We all know that our drugs only lessen discomfort and pain, while the cause of the problem remains. The cause must be eradicated. These are toxins that accumulate in our body. 90% of toxins are introducet into the body with bad food. Imagine your body as a septic pit that is never emptied. When it fills up it overflows, and the disaster is here. The same thing happens with our bodies, when abused with bad food in excessive quantities. All diseases, even the worst, such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes, arthritis, … are formed due to accumulation of toxins in us. We are what we eat, says a wise old saying, but we don’t take it seriously enough. It’s that easy and you can do all the work by yourself, just..START THE DAY WITH A GLASS OF JUICE !