Customer reviews

“When it comes to the effectiveness of juicers on the market, your Oscar belongs in the category of universal juicers suitable for all occasions, when for example the more expensive Angel S 8500, can only be used for juicing. The Ange is made from stainless steel, but it is quite expensive and not easily clean the grid, because there is a lot more pressure when juicing, and it weighs 12 kg. In my experience, squeezed juice is better quality from the plastic juicer, than from metal, for the sake of ionizing the foods. Oscars is particularly interesting for the preparation of mushy salad, for people who have problems with teeth or have full dentures.

It is absolutely effective for nuts, dried fruits, because those things are gathered, in distilled water, before meals. No kitchen grinder is suitable for grinding sesame paste, but Oscar does even that very well. Regardless of the benefits of installment payments, I will always advise my friends to buy your juicer, because it really practical. It is funny how in life, someone who knows what live foods and juices are, will want to buy a real juicer,but they can’t afford it. On the other side, one who does not have problems with money, will not think to add juices to their diet.

Fruits and vegetables in our market are not produced naturally. The concentration of ions in the colloidal structure of nutrients is certainly weaker than the natural grown fruit and we already known that we must eat much more of such foods. For example, it is enough to eat one apple and you’re not hungry. When you eat an apple from the supermarket, you’re always hungry. It is the evolution of modern age, but someone, who can lives in the countryside, can avoid being a part of the confusion in the city. In any case the are of distilled water and live food is coming. So there will be more offers for various models of water distillate and juicer.

Oscar will be held in any competition, because it is really effective, it is not expensive and it is easy to maintain. Considering that I ‘m constantly dependent on juices and salads, I tried Oscar in many ways and it turned out that there were no limitations. What you imagine, Oscar can make. It is stable enough that it cannot tip in over, even when inserting carrots and larger pieces.

In my diet everything goes through Oscars, (even raw and oyster mushrooms), because that way I get a perfect combination of food, which is neither a salad or juice, but something in between, a very effective way to appease one’s hunger and improve our blood. Considering the fact I do not use any salts, spices, or cook live food, my Oscar is suitable for every possible combination of mushy salad, which doesn’t burden the metabolism. Adding garlic and ginger, each salad or vegetable juice taste like they are salted, because in them there are a lot of natural sodium. Fruit should not be mixed in salads or juices, because of varying glycemic index of fructose. Vegetables can be mixed, becouse it consists of mostly the same content.

Few people know that they do not need to eat an extensive list of vegetables – it is not essential for good blood, because the important thing is the nutrient substances in colloidal (subtle bubbles) structure of ions. For good blood the most important things are air and distilled water, food almost does not matter. For example, when I’m in deep meditation I do not have anything to eat, or drink, because life does not consist of just that.

The nature of the body is that it needs to breathe, drink distilled water and juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. With this, the minimum amount of litter is introduced into the body and blood. “